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About This Game #

HellFlame is a top-down survival arena auto-shooter where Good and Evil clash in a battle that couldn’t be any less fair.The world balance was upset when demons hacked into the hi-tech soul-sorting system, causing billions of innocent souls to be sent to Hell after death.Pick your cyber Angel avatar and delve deep into the Underworld to fight legions of demons for the sake of restoring order. Collect lost souls, upgrade your abilities using an skill tree or learn new ones, and remember to combine your abilities’ elements wisely. Do whatever you can to give hell to Mega Goat Satan and his minions, and watch the malevolent demon hordes crawl back into the hole they came from, which will be all the more impressive thanks to one of the most massive and accurate physics systems ever created!

Crush Thy Enemies in Epic, Physics-Based Battles #

Complex physics simulation systems will make your epic battles against demons more massive and fun than ever. Thanks to the realistic object and environment behavior, enemies will react to your every move. Send the legions of Satan flying back into the abyss or watch as they fall from your attacks, crowd together, and push against each other before rushing back into battle while avoiding obstacles scattered around the arena. You are the bringer of chaos, so show those fiends the real meaning of hell!

Combine Abilities #

Use up to 6 types of weapons simultaneously to deal with the hordes of evil demons! Mix and match dozens of abilities and weapon types, from stakes and swords to drones and black holes! You can choose the ones that are right for you and then add some elemental buffs (fire, water, electricity, or ice) to make the deadliest build ever. Experiment and see what happens, but if that proves to be not enough, you can always upgrade your stats before going to battle to become even more powerful!

Go Through Seven Circles of Hell #

To get to Satan, you’ll need to go through the 7 levels of Hell that come in the form of arenas. Stay alive on each level until you receive the Divine Assistance needed to descend.

Play as a Cyber Angel #

Take the side of Good as one of the tech-savvy cyber Angels, formless spirits gifted with intelligence, willpower, and might. Seraph is a melee heavy hitter who uses elemental buffs. The blind mage Cherub deals AoE damage and applies CC effects to his enemies. Meanwhile, the swift and spry hoverboard user Throne prefers to keep his distance and fire at the demons from afar. You can pick an angel class to suit your playstyle!

Game Features #

  • Hordes of demons that you can watch die in one of the most massive and accurate physics systems ever created.
  • A physics system that affects every single character ability, which makes the gameplay much more epic, exciting, and action-packed without overcomplicating it.
  • Different kinds of terrain and destructible objects that you can use to your advantage. Your goal on every arena is to stay alive for a certain number of minutes and defeat as many demons as you can!
  • Fast runs. The way through the 7 circles of Hell and the fight with Mega Satan will take you less than half an hour! If you can complete the run, that is.
  • Lost souls that you can collect to get XP, upgrade your stats, or select new active abilities.
  • Different characters to choose from. The Early Access version has 3, but the roster will be expanded in the future.
  • Dozens of abilities and weapon types, from stakes and swords to drones and black holes! You can choose the ones that are right for you and then add some elemental buffs—fire, water, electricity, or ice. Experiment and see what happens!
  • An original electro soundtrack composed by Noisecream. These striking arrangements will make the savage battles come alive and highlight the sheer scale of the fighting.

We’re a small team that creates the kind of games we like to play, and we want to share those games with you. If you think HellFlame sounds interesting, please add it to your Wishlist! It would mean the world to us.If you’d like to discuss HellFlame, give us some suggestions, or report any kind of issues you might experience during your runs, our Discord is the best place to do so. We’d be ecstatic to hear what you think about the game and its design in particular!


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